Shop is live again!!

Shop is open!! 

I have finally done it! Its been a long time coming. I've had all these ideas in my head and finally got them out. 

My goals were to keep colors simple and to incorporate screen printing of my own designs. I also wanted to focus on science. Its my passion and wanted to create things that were pretty but also had a unique science feel to them. What I have been doing is collecting quotes from various scientist and then handlettering those quotes for screen printing. 

I really enjoy the screen printing process. I think it is awesome that I can take something I've drawn and then quickly turn it into a stencil. So cool! 

I have more items to list but waiting on the weather to cooperate. Its seriously been raining here for 2 weeks and unable to take good photos! 


Hope you enjoy!! 

Friday Movie Reviews 02


Ricki and The Flash

When do you NOT like a film with Meryl Streep in it? I find her to be fabulous in EVERYTHING she does so I was excited to watch her play a rocker chick. 

The movie is about Ricki(Streep) who is estranged by her children is contacted by her ex-husband to help him with their daughter. Their daughter was just asked for her a divorce by her husband is severely depressed. (side note: her on screen daughter is her real daughter!). The movie has some funny moments but it mainly tries to shed some light on what happens when the 'mom' leaves the family. It didn't take a political stance but there was one part where Ricki mentions how "if a man leaves his family its not a big deal but if a women leaves then its heresy.." 

The movie didn't get overall good reviews at the box office but I still enjoyed it. You should definitely check it out especially if you area Meryl Streep fan. 



I found Philomena to be a great film!  Just a wonderful story to watch. The movie is about Philomena(Judi Dench) wants to find her son that was given away for adoption when she was a young woman. She was a teenager living in a convent and the nuns force her to make her son available for adoption. The movie shows you what she went through as a young women and what she had to do to find her son as an older woman. In some aspects its heartbreaking as well as heartwarming. Its a wonderful film that has several funny moments to it and I highly recommend you watch it!! 

Its been a hot minute since I've seen Helen Hunt in anything. Also, can I say she is looking fabulous! 

The movie Ride is about a mother(Hunt) who struggles with the fact that her son decides to move to California and surf instead of going directly into college. Initially I thought this was an issue of just a parent unable to cut the umbilical cord but as you watch the movie you realize that both mother and son are very attached to each other.  Both of them learn something new about each other by the end of the film. 

The film was enjoyable and lighthearted. What I did feel while watching it was there was some backstory that wasn't being told. You find out towards the very end this backstory, but I do wish they elaborated more on it. This would a great film to have on in the background while working on some other things. 


Have you've tried Blue Apron??

As a gift for the new baby; my sister in law gave us a week of Blue Apron. Blue Apron is a meal mailing service; they have set meals for each week and they mail you ALL the ingredients you need for those meals and you can cook them at home. 

The ingredients are fresh and they provide easy to follow detailed recipes. This was a super cool gift for us because at the time; my husband was starting to run low on choosing meals for us to eat. I'm normally the one that picks the meals and cooks them but I was nursing around the clock so that I meant my expertise was not being used at all. 

So, we received our Blue Apron package and for the 2-person deal, it includes 3 meals for the week. I'm not sure why it doesn't include 5 meals, but they may assume you have leftovers. For some of the meals we did have leftovers and we had them the next day. 

How does it work? 

You sign up for your meals and they will ask you what type of dietary restrictions or preferences you have. This will help them select meals that will work for you. For us, we don't eat pork or seafood so we are restricted to beef, lamb, chicken and vegetarian dishes. Each week has a certain set of meals they ship. So you can choose to select that week or you can skip it and wait for the next week's meal options.  You can also select which day to have them ship it to you and typically it arrives in the evening (so I wouldn't rely on it for that day's meal).  

The food arrives in a nicely packed cooler and everything arrives fresh and orderly(its like Christmas but with neatly packed food!) The recipes are printed on these nicely photograph cardstock sheets, so you can see exactly how the meal should look and I believe they provide step by step directions for some dishes. 

How did I like the meals?? 

The meals were delicious and they really took both my husband and I out of our comfort zone. Like I said, we have a limited amount of recipes in our brain arsenal so we stick to that but using the Blue Apron allowed us to try new meals and they came out great. Our only big complaint was most of the meals we tried were vegetarian and some of the meals included nuts. It would have been nice that they gave an option to not include nuts because I'm allergic to them. Fortunately, its not so severe where if they touch things I can't eat them but we really wanted to avoid altering the recipe in anyway. 

In general, I thought the meals were very good and the instructions were pretty easy too. If you are looking for something new to try or you want to give it as a gift to someone then definitely try Blue Apron! 

*This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience with Blue Apron.* 


The crockpot is amazing....


One day while trolling Facebook, I saw a post about 30 easy frozen crockpot meals. I quickly looked at it but silly me didn't save the link for the recipes. A few weeks went by and as my husband was starting to get worn out from coming up with meals everyday I decided to search again easy crockpot meals that he or I can do. 

Immediately I found this website, New Leaf Wellness; it had exactly what I was looking for! Its a blog that has amazing recipes that you can freeze and/or use for the crockpot. They even had a post specifically designed for After Baby Meals; which was exactly what I was looking for. 

I started with the post titled "Eight "no-cook" freezer meals in 90 minutes" I didn't want to do all the meals so I picked the 6 that I liked and started with that. I figured if I liked them I'd continue doing this especially when I go back to work in 2.5weeks. The meals I choose were the following: 

  • Garden Veggie Soup with Meatballs
  • Red Pepper Chicken
  • Turkey Black Bean Chili
  • Honey Dijon Chicken
  • Brown Sugar Meatloaf


I brought the recipes with me to the store so I can make sure that I purchased everything! I spent about 150.00 but that also included all groceries that I needed. I would say my total purchase for these meals probably came to about 100.00 or less. For 6 meals that provide leftovers, that is a pretty sweet deal. 

So far,  we have the Garden Veggie Soup with Meatballs and it was delicious! Seriously...amazing dish and the leftovers were great too. With this recipe, I opted to use her recipe for meatballs and did not include pork, just ground beef. I made a lot of meatballs and had some leftover to use for another dish.  

Another thing on my list to try are her frozen breakfast meals. Since we have to drop gizmo off at daycare before work this will add some time to our commute which means we'll have to take some time away from somewhere! Having breakfast pre-made and just needs to be heated would seriously save us 30min since we typically cook our breakfast fresh each morning (even before we had an infant). I'll definitely write a post about that when I get around to making them. 

Follow me on Instagram and you can see how I liked the other meals on her list! 

Friday Movie Reviews 01


Lets kick off Friday Movie Reviews again! I started this a while back but seriously haven't watched that many good films in the past year. (I'm not even joking). Some of it has to do with the fact that I didn't take the time to watch movies and also I starting watching TV shows on Netflix but mostly because Netflix hasn't had good movies on lately. Since I've been home, I have been actively working through my Netflix queue which allows me to share some of my movie finds! 

So lets begin! 

The Imitation Game


I'm a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and have added him to the list of actors where I will watch him in anything. So, I finally got a chance to watch The Imitation Game and I enjoyed it! The movie is about Alan Turing and how he helped the British government to decode the Nazi's impossible code for their radio messages. For starters, I've heard of the name Alan Turing but I didn't know anything about him or what he did  so this was a great little historical movie for myself. I felt the movie flowed and added historical facts very well. I didn't feel like it was boring or slow at all. Cumberbatch played the antisocial scientist perfectly. What I liked the most about the movie is it lead me to do some more research on Alan Turing. This is definitely a great watch especially if you are into WWII history. 


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie is the sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which I thoroughly enjoyed and you should rent it. This movie as an all-star cast and it was largely my reasons for watching it especially when I found out Richard Gere is going to be in it.

The movie continues the story from the first about the retirees that have moved to India. In this film they go into how they have created a new life in India instead of just waiting to die. Some of the get new jobs and others find love. 

Unfortunately, it did not measure up to the first movie. I really enjoyed the first movie and thought it was great but this one was a little flat. I didn't think they were trying to duplicate anything from the first movie I just didn't think they evolved the stories very well. Overall, it wasn't terrible and if you liked the first one then you may want to watch the second one but be warned its not the greatest. 

American Ultra

I'm all about action movies. I think its very cliche to say that only men like action films because honestly I love them. It could because I had no choice but to watch a bunch of 1980s action films as a kid. You know what I'm talking about...Rambo, Predator, Terminator, etc. Anyway, so whenever I see a film that is going to have some gunfire and shit blow up I'm all about it. When I saw the trailer for this film I definitely wanted to watch it. It stars Jesse Eisenberg (from Zombieland) and Kristen Stewart. Jesse Eisenberg typically does a lot of indie films so if you aren't too familiar with him that is probably why and of course we all know Kristen Stewart. 

The film is about Eisenberg being a sleeper spy that is activated to prevent him from getting killed. Kristen Stewart plays his girlfriend. What makes this a little bit different than typical spy-action films is that Eisenberg is a guy that is a complete stoner. He works in a little quik mark store and smokes pot all the time. So naturally to his amazement and to others when he is activated you are like're an assassin. 

Anyway, the plot is a bit loose and doesn't fully make sense. I would only recommend watching it if you are an action-movie junkie like myself. 

Most of these films I rented through Netflix DVD. They are not available through watch instantly. But, for those who do not want to have a subscription, another option is Amazon. You can rent most movies for about 2.99-5.99 depending on the movie. This is perfect for people who watch movies on the occasion. 

Also.... almost 2 yrs now, a friend and I started a group on facebook for moviegoers. We discuss movies, share trailers, reviews, and have movie trivia(which is the best part!). So if you are interested go to HollywoodLand and join! 

**We don't talk about celebrity gossip, we primarily focus on films and factoids regarding movies.** 

Of course let me know if you watch these movies over the weekend and tell me what you think! 


The upcoming roommate's new sleeping quarters

My friend Paige over at The Room Kit wanted me to send her some pictures of our new setup in our room. So, instead of just texting pictures I figured I'd share some on the blog. 


We have a very large Master bedroom and up until recently we never really utilized the space. We knew immediately that we'd use the additional space in our room for the baby. We even made sure to measure out cribs and changing tables prior to making decisions on what we wanted because we only wanted to use this extra space in our room. 



We are minimalist and we try our best to only buy what we need in terms of furniture and stuff. We did not want a large and bulky crib that required its own room. We wanted something that would be simple and light. It was no easy task because most of the cribs nowadays are the ones that sell you on the "GOOD FOR LIFE" model. Which means the kid will grow up in the crib. That sounds all nice and dandy but they are too bulky and they are freaking heavy. The crib we purchased is on wheels which makes it easy to move around in our room if necessary AND it folds up nicely. So when he does move out of the crib we can fold it up and put it in a closet. 

We purchased the changing table/dresser on Craigslist for 10.00! A couple coats of paint later, we spent a total of 30.00 on our roommate's changing table/dresser.  It was the perfect size for the changing mattress and it worked nicely with the dimensions in our room. 

As you can tell we don't have lots of decorations up. We do have two paintings up for the roommate. One of them is a gift from our friends with turtles and the other is a print I found on Etsy and fell in love with. You can find it here

As you can tell we still have a lot of space near the entrance. We have the rock and play at the door which we'll probably move to the living room once he actually arrives. But, for the most part we still have tons of room. We don't feel crowded at all with our walking space which makes getting out of bed in the middle of the night not a death trap for either of us. 

As you can tell if you look on the other side of our room, it doesn't look like we are sharing it with anyone!  We are still able to move on both sides of the bed and have no problems with access to the dresser. We even have a little chair too. Also, I forgot to mention but that bed is  a kingsize! We recently upgraded to a kingsize bed and only had to shift things by a few inches. 

So far we are really content with our new setup. I don't think it ever registered in our brains to have a separate baby room. We can, because we have a 2 bedroom apartment but we use our second bedroom as our work/play area. I have legitimately gotten weird look when people are like so he's sleeping IN your room??  Umm...where did you think babies sleep prior to everyone having the ability to have more than one room?? Also... most people on the planet do this. Plus.. for the sake of sanity and not running into shit in the middle of the night, its so much better that he's going to be near us. 

Anyway, that is our setup and at this point we are just waiting for our new roommate to arrive. It seems that he is waiting until his actual due date which is very soon and not a moment sooner! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Life Update

Wow...I didn't realize how much time has passed since  doing a blog post. I've started to create a few posts but then I never went back to them. So what has been happening over the past few months? 

Well, for starters if some of you follow me on twitter or instagram then you know I'm not dead. I'm active on those sites because those a quick ways to micro-blog or share what is going on. 

In September, I started taking Spanish classes twice a week. I'm Puerto Rican and I never learned how to speak fluently in Spanish. I learned how to read, write and understand from Spanish in High School but never enough where I would feel comfortable having a conversation with people. So, because I want my child to be bilingual I decided to start taking lessons. I'm sure it will take a couple more years of lessons before I'm completely fluent but its great to finally get started on it. Its been something I've wanted to do for a long time and I guess having a kid is enough motivation. 

At the same time of taking my Spanish classes, I was also taking a birthing class with my husband. It was suggested we do it since we are first time parents. The classes weren't awful. Some of them were good and others boring but the nice thing about the classes were now I feel like there won't be too many surprises. Prior to getting pregnant I feel like I had a lot of misconceptions and a very skewed view of pregnancy. I realize that it is totally different experience for every woman and man that there is no set way of having it. Also, each woman looks different even at the same month. Overall its been an interesting experience so I'm 30 days away from finding out more...(hopefully!) 


That being said, I'm 8 months pregnant and due soon! The pregnancy has been pretty good overall. Aside from the typical nausea and heartburn(and if you say its because my kid will have a lot of hair... I will stab someone)  I have lots of energy and even still make it to the gym from time to time.  My plan is to work up until the due date but a recently my doctor has suggested I rethink that idea.  Right now, I'll just work until I can't work anymore and go from there. The idea of staying at home all day kind of bores me and I rather be active. 

Direction of My Blog

After closing my shop I kind of had this feeling of what to do with my website and blog. I decided to switch my website into a more blog format but then I dropped blogging. In all was around the time a lot of life changes started to happen. But, I thought about it for a long time and decided I want this blog to go more in the direction of DIY/Tutorials and Crafts. It really was why I started blogging to begin with and I would like to go back to the basics. I've started a few projects that I plan on blogging about but because of the classes I took I didn't have the time. Now, I can get back into it. 

So you'll start seeing some more posts from me... maybe not every day but at least once or twice a week.  If you would like to contribute some DIY/Tutorial blog posts please email me at and we can do a collaboration. That would be super awesome too! 

Have a great weekend!! 






In the works....

A few weeks ago I was at a conference. As anyone who has been to a conference there are often times where you brain just stops paying attention and you need to do something else. In my case, it was doodling. In fact, I noticed several people doodling during the conference and you ended up seeing a variety of artwork by the end of the 3 days. 

Anyway,  my doodles were monsters.. 

As I was drawing my monsters, I included tidbits from the conference. I wasn't completely tuning out the speakers. 

Anyway, I didn't just stop there. I drew more monsters with different shapes then I started drawing different scenes, one was a monster beach party and another was a birthday party. I even included a monster villain. 

My goal now is to digitize them and add color. I am currently using inkscape and I have traced some images before but I never really had a purpose with those images so I've always stopped after it got challenging. However, this time I'm really curious if I can turn these monsters into cartoon drawings. 

Have you've been working on anything new? Trying any new things?